Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar brings a fine and prudent approach to directing, one which is beyond his years. A very cinematic storyteller who understands the very essence of his storyline, holding onto each and every moment of it and exploring its intricate details, which feel enigmatically immense on the screen.

Growing up in a small back water town surrounded by picturesque landscape and interesting characters, Anil developed a love for making images from his imagination and writing creative and ruminative fiction from his child hood. A flair for photography and script writing evolved into writing and directing. After his graduation he plunged into the studies of technical knowhow of Film making and tried his hands on documentaries and short films.

Anil made his directorial debut in 1989 “Ananda vrithandam” in a regional Language “Malayalam”. His first movie was a family drama with a flavor of rib tickling humor which gives a brief introduction to his talent in filmmaking. His milieu gives him an extremely visual and photographic approach to his plot. His movies give a very natural feel as if created by a person who lives and dreams cinema.

Over the next few years, Anil continued his streak of successful films and every Movie that he directed there after remained very distinctive. Only a few hand full of filmmakers possess both his technical abilities and flair for engaging storytelling.

His movies unlike those of his counterparts in the industry are filled with unique and interesting characters which makes the whole package a treat for the eyes.

Anil has enjoyed one of the most prolific careers of any major filmmaker, directing 40 feature films and most of his films have received substantial commercial acclaim. Today Anil is undoubtedly one of the most influential filmmakers of his generation, influencing many modern directors and setting new trends across the Southern Indian Movie Industry.

Anil is now ready to take a quantum leap from his original style and region of comfort and success to different languages nationally and internationally. A number of projects are in line for the future. His Tamil directorial debut was shot in New Zealand and is ready for release now. More recently , Anil announced his dream project, An international movie which he has been working on for several years and which will go on floor this year.